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"For those of us who don’t particularly want or like to exercise, or exercise at a traditional club, The Vibe offers a distinctly different and relaxing exercise experience. In just 10 minutes, you can get your heart pumping on a Helix machine (lateral stepping) which is easy on the joints but great for raising your heart rate. Then it’s on to an oscillating and vibrating machine to shake your booty for 20 minutes while you focus on weight training, balance, stretching, and abs. Because you are in constant motion while doing these exercises, you must focus on your core to stay upright which strengthen your abs and keeps you on your toes (literally) to gain the most benefit as you cycle through a series of exercises designed to work every part of your body.

But, for me, the best part is the thirty minute private sauna which awaits you when you’ve completed the hard work. It’s a wonderful way to reward yourself for showing up and taking care of your health. The sauna is a great detox and provides a restful interlude before you return to your busy day. And not to forget the healthy Kangen water which is provided as part of your membership. No worries about what’s in your tap water or leeching water bottles. This specially filtered water provides the perfect hydration needed after your workout, and you can take as much water home with you as you need until your next visit.

Do I sound like I am a satisfied customer? I have always resisted exercise, but I find myself drawn to The Vibe almost every day! It fits my needs perfectly, and I have seen great improvement in my upper body strength in less than two months. I could barely do a few push-ups when I started, and now I can do twenty easily. I have also graduated from a three pound weight to a five pound weight for most reps. After years of trying several different exercise options, I’ve finally found a wellness facility that really works for me. I hope you will, too."

K. Robinson, 68 years old

This place is amazing! You don't just get a physical workout here like no other you also get access to various wellness methods to add to your daily routine.  I started Bulletproof a couple of months ago and have never felt better. Lasting energy, clarity of mind and an overall great feeling that lasts throughout the day. Keeping up with a 2 year old can wear you out but Bulletproof keeps me energized! I highly recommend this wellness center! It's an amazing lifestyle change inside and out!

D. Biermann, 39 years old

The Vibe isn’t just another fitness studio.  Ariane, the owner, has created a wellness community.  There are monthly meetings where members, along with the input from a staff nutritionist, can share information about health concerns and the latest nutritional theories.  In addition to these meetings, I look forward to my workout days at The Vibe.  The state of the art equipment is easy to use while at the same time providing some amazing benefits.  Full body vibration has been shown to improve blood circulation, enhance the body’s production of human grown hormone as well as increase strength and flexibility. My favorite part of the program though, is the detoxification.  This is achieved by relaxing in an individual FAR infrared sauna and sipping on alkalizing water while listening to music or reading a good book.  Working out doesn’t get much better than this.  Thank you Ariane, for coming to Southern Pines.

SCL, 64 years old

My wife wanted me to start working out.  We checked out a few of the workout places around town and decided to try The Vibe.  The approach was novel and seemed relatively painless.  I actually enjoyed going and within just a few weeks I noticed a marked improvement in my strength and stamina.

PCB, 74 years old