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Studio Liability Release

In consideration of permission being given for my participation in Wellness Studio activities, I hereby agree to the following:

1. I acknowledge that classes, sessions or activities offered through Wellness Studio are designed to develop my strength, balance, coordination and/or flexibility. I am aware that there is some degree of risk associated with development of any of the foregoing attributes. Therefore, I agree that I have had the opportunity to consult with my physician with respect to any past or present injury, illness, cardiovascular problem or skeletal problem that I have or may have had prior to undertaking any class, session or activity. Further, I agree to move comfortably through any and all classes, sessions and activities and to work at my own level of difficulty.

2. I hereby release, discharge and hold harmless Wellness Studio and its directors, officers, owners, employees, agents, representatives and volunteers from and against any and all liability, responsibility, damages, losses, claims, demands, actions, suits, judgments, costs and expenses (including attorney fees) resulting from my injury, accident, illness, property loss or death prior to, during or after my participation in any Wellness Studio class, session or activity.

3. This document is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted under North Carolina law. If any provision in this document is found by a court of competent authority to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall be severed, and the remainder of this document shall continue to be of full force and effect. Jurisdiction for the adjudication of any matter arising under this document shall be Moore County, North Carolina.

4. I have read this document. I understand its terms. I am aware that I am giving up substantial rights, including but not limited to my right to sue. I knowingly, freely and voluntarily sign this document, being fully aware that my signature to this document constitutes a complete and unconditional release of any and all liability as more fully described above.

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