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The Vibe Wellness Studio Concept  OUR CONCEPT

We provide a comprehensive program that focuses on diet, exercise, and detoxification of the individual with little time commitment and minimal impact to the body.  

Our Memberships at The Vibe Wellness Studio  OUR MEMBERSHIPS

Our three levels of monthly membership include our FAR Infrared Sauna sessions, Near Infrared Light Therapy, Helix Training, Vibration Training, Surfing, Health Coaching, use of our Alkaline Ionized Hydration Bar, and more.

Our Goal at The Vibe Wellness Studio  OUR GOAL

Our goal is to help you become your best, most powerful self from metabolism to detoxification to brain power. In addition to our technologies, the Vibe is committed to providing our clients with transformative products and breakthrough wellness information.

Our Clients at The Vibe Wellness Studio  OUR CLIENTS

Our clients are a mix of ages and physical conditions that are proactive with regards to their health and well-being. We have busy moms, senior citizens, doctors, athletes, millenials, military, couples, and those suffering from chronic illness. These chronic illness conditions include arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, lupus, cancer, colitis, dementia, diabetes, and obesity. All of our clients are looking for the same thing.....comprehensive wellness    



The Vibe Wellness Studio focuses on the wellness of the individual while employing leading edge technologies. Becoming our best, most powerful selves means fine-tuning every system in the body, from metabolism to detoxification to brain power. And when we do that, we lose excess weight because our systems are acting as they should. They are working at max capacity while burning energy efficiently and consistently. In essence, weight loss is a byproduct of making the body function optimally. Other byproducts include increased energy, mental agility, skin purification, etc. The Vibe technologies and products will DETOX, HEAL, and TRANSFORM your body bringing unparalleled benefits in significantly less time than traditional workouts.